Southern California, Southern Nevada, Southwestern Utah & Hawaii

The Southern California/Southern Nevada/Southern Utah/Hawaii (SCSNSUHA) Section of the 2019 National Corvette Caravan has completed its early planning stage and has begun organizing the event.

tony-paula-megowanNew Boss
Captain Tony Megowan has replaced Hib Halverson, the Section Captain in ’03, ’09 and ’14. "Cap Tony" has plenty of experience. He was a Caravan Commander for the 2009 and 2014 events and the Section Captain’s Assistant for the 2014 Caravan. He, also, served as Director of the Route Book Project for the ’14 and ’09 Caravans and will personally run that project again for the 2019 event.

Tony works for the Federal Aviation Administration as an air traffic controller, so he’s real good at directing people to go to the right destinations, a highly-desirable quality in a Caravan Section Captain.

Tony and Wife, Paula, are Members of the Corvette Club Santa Barbara and live in Ventura, California. They own the Lead Car for the SoCal/SoNev/SoUT/Hawaii Section, a 2016 Long Beach Red, Z51 Coupe. He formerly owned a 2003 50th Anniversary Edition. Fun fact: Tony’s first ever road trip outside California came in that 50th Coupe on the ’09 trip.

Experienced Team
Tony’s Wife, Paula Megowan, was recommissioned as the Organizing Team’s Chief Financial Officer. Paula was CFO for the 2014 and 2009 Caravans. Commander Megowan, an accountant by trade, will manage all fiscal affairs of the Section. Ten years of experience in Caravan money management, will be a significant help to the Team. Commander Megowan will also set-up and manage the Caravan Section’s registration operation during Departure activities in August of 2019.

In late July, Capt. Megowan appointed Doug Rosa to the Organizing Team. Commander Rosa, who is also the President of Color Country Corvettes in Southwestern Utah, will organize the Section’s activities in southern Utah and will also direct efforts towards staging an evening event on the second overnight of the trip in St. George.

Tony Megowan, also, convinced former Section Captain, Halverson to come out of retirement and be recommissioned on the Organizing Team as a Caravan Commander. Halverson will assist with sponsorship acquisition and communications activities and will make prerun trips.

Additional appointments to the Southern California/Southern Nevada Caravan Organizing Team are pending. Also, the Team is looking for Caravan Local Leaders to organize feeder Caravans in the Ventura/Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo, San Diego, Orange County and Inland Empire areas of California as well as the Las Vegas Valley in Nevada. Local Leaders must reside in the area for which they are responsible. Anyone wanting to serve on the Organizing Team or as a Local Leader should call Capt. Tony Megowan at 805-659-5056 or email him at

New Route
The first five Southern California/Southern Nevada Caravans generally followed old Route 66 as far as Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Thinking outside the box, Captain Tony Megowan plans to change the entire route and lengthen the event by a day. The Southern California/Southern Nevada Section will make a week-long trip to Bowling Green in 2019. The Caravan will begin at Pasadena, California’s famed Rose Bowl and head north, over the San Gabriel Mountains on storied Angeles Crest and Angeles Forest Highways. In the high desert, the Caravan will take State Routes 14 and 58 to Barstow and then I-15 to Las Vegas for the first overnight.

Day Two will have the Caravan leaving Vegas going northeast though Henderson, then north, along Lake Mead, followed by a scenic drive though Valley of Fire State Park. Finally the Section will head north, to St. George, Utah in I-15. On the third day, Capt. Megowan will lead SCSN to Rifle, Colorado via I-15 and I-70. On Days Four and Five, we take I-70, over Vail Pass and though the Eisenhower Tunnel, the highest section of the Interstate Highway system, and then to Goodland, Kansas followed by Kansas City, Missouri.

The route of final part of the trip to Bowling Green on Days Six and Seven has not been finalized, but expect an announcement about the full route by the end of 2017.


PreRun1 a Success
On July 6-9, two members of the Organizing Team made the first prerun trip over part of the 2019 Caravan route. "’PreRun1′ explored the Section’s first two days," Captain Megowan said. "We learned much about the SoCal/SoNev/SoUt/HA Section’s all-new route. Caravaners will start their trip by enjoying the views and the drive over the Angeles Forest and Angeles Crest Highways in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Pasadena. ‘The Crest’ is famed for its scenic, winding, 38-mile route though the Angeles National Forest from LaCanada to Palmdale.

Nipton Road

Just off I-15, Section Capt. Megowan views Nipton Rd though binoculars. At left, far in the distance, is the BNSF right-of-way along with the Nevada State Line where Nipton Rd. becomes Nevada State Route 164. Just over the mountains at left is Searchlight, Nevada. Image: SCSNSUHA Organizing Team.

"Near the end of the first day," Megowan continued, "Caravaners will, also, see the stark beauty of the eastern Mojave Desert when they leave Interstate 15 and take Nipton Road and Nevada SR164 to Searchlight, Nevada, then US95 and I-515 north to Henderson where the we’ll spend our first night on the road."

The SCSNSUHA Organizing Team is considering a couple of different hotel/casino properties in Henderson and Las Vegas for the first overnight. The final selection will offer a mix of both gaming activities and resort amenities such as a pool area, various food service choices and a comedy show. Additionally, drive times on Days One and Two will be adjusted so Caravaners who wish to party a bit and enjoy some liquor and gaming can do that without having to worry about a "zero-dark-thirty" departure on the second day. At this point, the plan is to leave Henderson about 10 AM.

Day Two will offer Caravaners more of the desert scenery. The Caravan will travel over Northshore Drive in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area along with Nevada’s Valley of Fire Highway through Valley of Fire State Park. The Park is famed for it’s brilliant red/orange sandstone geology. The drive though the Valley of Fire will be the most spectacular part of the National Corvette Caravan’s drive through southeastern California and southern Nevada. Day Two’s final eye candy will come on I-15, as it winds its way though the Virgin River Canyon on the way to St. George, Utah.

PreRun2 Scheduled
Captain Tony Megowan has set PreRun2 for the third week of September. The second prerun trip will go as far as Kansas City, Missouri where the Southern California/Southern Nevada/Southern Utah/Hawaii Section will spend its fifth night on the road.

Sponsors? Donations?
Organizing and staging a seven day caravan of 200-250 Corvettes costs a lot of money. The National Corvette Museum which sanctions the National Corvette Caravan provides no funding for Caravan Sections. It is up to every Captain to raise money to cover his/her Section’s expenses.

If you own a business which sells products of interest to Corvette owners and your business is located in Southern California, Southern Nevada or Southwestern Utah, the SoCal/SoNev/SoUt/HA Organizing Team can help you market your product to our Caravaners. We have an electronic newsletter co-sponsorship available which will put your company name in front of all our Caravaners on a regular basis for the next two years. Also, we have Route Book advertising opportunities available. The Route Book contains information Caravaners need during the event and is read continuously by all Caravaners for six days. Finally, we have event sponsorships available. Event sponsorships include naming rights for an evening Caravan event along with promotional opportunities before and during an evening event.

The Southern California/Southern Nevada/Southern Utah and Hawaii Section, also, accepts donations. Donations are tax deductible as the National Corvette Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Those wanting to discuss sponsorships or make donations should contact Captain Tony Megowan at 805-659-5056 or email him at

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