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SCSN is Back Big-Time
The Southern California/Southern Nevada (SCSN) Section of the 2019 National Corvette Caravan will be better than ever before. The SCSN Caravan Organizing Team has commissioned its first members and is in the early planning stages for the National Corvette Caravan. There is lots of exciting news, such as new leadership and a new route.

tony-paula-megowanNew Boss
The National Chairman for the 2019 National Corvette Caravan, Jeff "Zipity" Duda, has promoted Tony Megowan to the position of Section Captain for Southern California and Southern Nevada. Captain Megowan was a Caravan Commander for the 2009 and 2014 events and the Section Captain’s Assistant for the 2014 Caravan. He also served as Director of the Route Book project for the ’14 and ’09 Caravans. Clearly Megowan brings a wealth of experience to the top job for the ’19 event.

Tony is a Member of the Corvette Club Santa Barbara and lives in Ventura, California. Tony owns the Lead Car for the Southern California/Southern Nevada Section of the 2019 National Corvette Caravan, a 2016 Long Beach Red, Z51 Coupe. He formerly owned a 2003 50th Anniversary Edition. Fun fact, Tony’s first ever road trip out of California came in that 50th Coupe on the ’09 trip.

Tony works for the Federal Aviation Administration as an air traffic controller, so he’s real good at directing people to go to the right destinations, a quality that is highly desirable in a Caravan Section Captain.

Experienced Team
With this first issue of the eNews, Tony Megowan is announcing two appointments to the SoCal/SoNev Caravan Organizing Team. Tony’s Wife, Paula Megowan, is recommissioned as the Section’s Chief Financial Officer. Paula was CFO for the 2014 and 2009 Caravans. CFO Megowan, an accountant by trade, will manage all fiscal affairs of the Section. Her long experience in Caravan money management, will, once again, be a significant help to the Organizing Team.

Tony Megowan, also, convinced retired Section Captain, Halverson, who’s spent the last couple of years as a reclusive automotive writer doing Cadillac blogs, to come out of retirement and be reassigned on the Organizing Team as a Caravan Commander. Halverson will assist with sponsorship acquisition, communications activities and PreRun trips. "When I found out Hib was driving Cadillacs these days," Megowan tells the eNews, "I thought: Cadillacs? The guy is really showing his age-he is quite a bit older than me, you know. But then, he told me, ‘Tony…they have turbos, twin-turbos, in fact.’ and I said, I’ve never heard of a Caddy with turbos. I thought they were cars for old guys, like you. He hit back, ‘Don’t worry, skipper, I still have The 560-horsepower Blue Bullet 2, the Lead Car from last time, so I can pass that C7 of yours…just in case you get us lost.’" (ed note: Ouch!)

Additional appointments to the Southern California/Southern Nevada Caravan Organizing Team are expected in the near future. Anyone wanting to serve on the Organizing Team should call Tony Megowan at 805-659-5056 or email him at

Also, the SCSN Organizing Team is looking for Caravan Local Leaders to organize feeder Caravans in the Santa Barbara, San Diego, Orange County and Inland Empire areas of California and the Las Vegas Valley in Nevada. If you live in those areas and are interested in volunteering for Caravan leadership, contact Captain Tony Megowan at 805-659-5056 or email him at

New Route
After five Southern California/Southern Nevada Caravans which generally followed old Route 66 as far as Tulsa, Oklahoma, thinking outside the box, Captain Tony Megowan plans to change virtually the entire route.

Megowan tells the eNews that the Southern California/Southern Nevada Section will make a seven-day trip to Bowling Green in 2019. The Caravan will begin in Pasadena, California and head north, over the San Gabriel Mountains on storied Angeles Crest (State Route 2) and Angeles Forest Highways (L.A. County Route N3). In Palmdale, the Caravan will take State Routes 14 and 58 to Barstow and then I-15 to Las Vegas for the first overnight.


Day Two will have the Caravan leaving Vegas going southeast though Henderson, then north along Lake Mead for a scenic drive though Valley of Fire State Park. Finally the Section will head north, to Cedar City Utah in I-15. On the third day, Capt. Megowan will lead SCSN to Rifle, Colorado via I-15 and I-70. On Days Four and Five, we take I-70, over Vail Pass and though the Eisenhower Tunnel, the highest section of the Interstate Highway system, and then to Goodland, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. On the sixth day, we’ll go to Evansville, Indiana on I-64 and other airline-history-museumhighways. The last day, the SoCal/SoNev Section of the 2019 National Corvette Caravan will take U.S. 231 southeast to Bowling Green and the Corvette Museum.

New Events
The SCSN Organizing Team is still in the early planning stages for the various events which will take place during the trip. Captain Tony Megowan dropped some hints to the eNews about two events the Organizing Team is working hard to set-up: 1) use of Pasadena’s famed Rose Bowl for the Caravan Departure Event and 2) a dinner event at the famed National Airline History Museum in Kansas City on Night Six of the trip. That ought to be a lot of fun, afterall-who doesn’t like airplanes.

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