Updated 7/21/14


Welcome to the Colorado home page for the 2014 National Corvette Museum Caravan. I am Richard Loch and I have been chosen to be the Captain. Prior to being Colorado Captain I helped plan and participated as a volunteer coordinator for the 2009 Caravan.

We will leave the Target parking lot, 2171 Prairie Center Pkwy., Brighton,CO on Monday August 25th and travel north to Lincoln, NE to meet up with Caravans from the Northwest.

The NE group has a Welcome to Lincoln event on Monday evening in the Railyard in Downtown Lincoln at 7pm. On Tuesday morning the Caravan will tour The Speedway Motor Museum, there is no charge for entrance to the Museum for Caravan Participants. After the tour we will travel to Columbia. The local Mid-Missouri Corvette Club has put together quite the Welcoming Party for everyone. At the Missouri Auto Auction, 421 N Rangeline Rd, Columbia, MO. A DJ will be entertaining us, and the local Chevrolet Dealership McCosh Chevrolet will be on hand for any checkup, repairs or such as needed for your cars. The festivities on Tuesday night will commence at 5pm and end by 9pm. A PREPAID $10.00 fee per person, for dinner, should be sent to your Caravan Captain. This facility is paved and ideal for parking the number of cars we are expecting. This site will also be where we launch the next morning. From Columbia it is off to Bowling Green Wednesday morning to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the National Corvette Museum.

I am happy to announce the addition of two Local Leaders to the Colorado Caravan. Donna Blackwood sventer@aol.com with LGCA and Rick Mendoza rickmendoza@comcast.net with CO Springs C.C.

Registration for the NCM 20th Anniversary Celebration and the 2014 National Corvette Caravan is now open:

Volunteer Information
If you are interested in helping with the Colorado Caravan, please contact me at carbonvett3@yahoo.com

If you are interested in being a sponsor of the Caravan or if you know of a business or individual who would like to be a sponsor, please contact me at carbonvett3@yahoo.com

Richard Loch

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