Updated 2/23/14

Kansas & Missouri

Welcome to our caravan page! Many of you have traveled with us before in previous caravans, while for others, this will be your first time. Either way, our goal is to make this the biggest and best caravan ever and this seems like a good place for a commercial, and if you haven't seen it take a few minutes to learn all about the NCM 20th Anniversary Caravan:

A portion of our caravan begins in the Pacific Northwest picking up participants along the way as they travel for several days before they join us. We anticipate as many as a thousand Corvettes will leave Columbia Missouri with us in route to Bowling Green.

Check out this video in 2003 when our caravan was leaving Kansas City heading to Bowling Green we expect about the same number of Corvettes leaving Columbia, MO this year.

Registration is open, Vicki and I have already registered, and as of 2/22/2014 there are over 5000 individuals registered for the event with about 170 of those in our caravan. I am anticipating over 300 registrants to our caravan and in order for me to be fair to all of those attending when it comes to hotel/motel rooms the only way I will reserve a room is if you register under the Kansas & Missouri caravan, please join us. The driver needs to register and include the co-pilot. The cost is $5.00 each for the caravan plus $0.00 for Lifetime member, $15.00 for Member and $25.00 for Non-member. This will be paid at the time of registration. Also any seminars, dinners, road tours are extra. The registration will list every event and their cost.

Hotel Rooms

For many of you our first night together will be in Columbia, MO on 8/26/2014 when we meet the other caravans arriving that afternoon. If you are spending the night there we have a block of rooms at the Quality Inn 1612 N. Providence Road, Columbia, MO 65202 573-449-2491 our rate is $49.00 per night, plus tax and fees. They serve a nice breakfast which is included.

Bowling Green Rooms - As of 2/21/2014 all of the rooms we had reserved for our caravan have been booked and we do not have anymore available.

8/26/14 Caravan Arrival Party 6:00 PM We are in the process of planning a caravan arrival party in Columbia MO and while most of the details are still being worked out - we do know that we are anticipating over 500 Corvettes, there will be a catered meal and the cost will be $10.00 per person. As further details develop I will update this page.

What are we going to do once we get there - after getting a room reserved and registered for the caravan, the next question is "what are we going to do?" Our plan is to host a Nashville Day on Saturday for our caravan, and we are looking at several options and types of venues - in early 2014 we will be ready to post our plans.

2014 NCM Caravan Flag & Rear Window Static Clings available for order:
The Flags and Static Clings may be ordered from the Kansas-Missouri caravan captain Joe Moncado.
To place your order:

  1. Click and print the 2014 Caravan Flag & Rear Window Static Cling Order Form.
  2. Complete the order form and mail it to the address shown at the bottom of the form.
  3. Your order will be filled and mailed to you upon receipt.

2014 Caravan Flag
Caravan Flag
Available for $15.00 each.

2014 Static Cling
Rear Window Static Cling
Available for $10.00 each.

Route Information

Driving directions from our launch point in Columbia, MO to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. There are still several issues that need to be addressed concerning our arrival time at the NCM - keeping that in mind this route keeps us on the interstate all the way to the NCM Exit.

Lets Do Lunch - By the time you get to Steps 4, 5 or 6 on this route, you will be thinking about lunch. While I would like to organize a large lunch spot it's just not practical for a group this size. There are a number of restaurants at these steps ... the earlier the better and will regroup somewhere down the road.

Evansville Bypass - I would recommend you go to Exit 29A and take the I-164 SOUTH/IN-15 towards Evansville/Henderson, KY Exit #29A then merge ino I-169 South for 19.7 miles. Then take the US-41 exit towards HENDERSON, KY Exit #0 then continue on US-41 South for 7.9 miles heading for the William Natcher Parkway and skip ahead to step 14 below.

This route will take us directly to the Corvette Museum, if you plan to go directly to your hotel or anywhere else please keep this in mind.

While the caravan is less than 1 year away, we look forward to working with each and every Corvette Club and Corvette enthusiast in Kansas and Missouri.

Volunteer Information
We need volunteers to make this a successful Caravan. If you are interested in being a part of the team, please contact me at jmoncado@aol.com or 913-927-5611.

We need Volunteer Local Leaders, Committee members and a host of others.

Sponsorship Information
To make the Kansas and Missouri Caravan successful, we need sponsors. If you are interested in a Sponsorship or if you know a business or individual, who would like to provide a Sponsorship, please contact me at jmoncado@aol.com

In closing, I look forward to seeing each and every one of you down the road, and if you ever need anything, do not hesitate to ask.

Joe Moncado
Kansas & Missouri Captain

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