Mike Thompson    Elvira Thompson


Your Arkansas Captains for the 25th Anniversary National Corvette Museum Caravan are Mike and Elvira Thompson of Little Rock, AR. We have been involved in each caravan through the years. We have served as volunteer workers, Local Leaders, and Co-Captains. This will be the first time we have served as Captains.

We enjoy attending and/or competing in regional Corvette events and for more than 25 years have been proud coordinators of a Corvette event in Eureka Springs, AR.

We are still in the planning stages for the 2019 AR Caravan. We encourage input and participation of Arkansas Corvette Clubs and non-club members alike. We can be reached at

Our thanks to Bale Chevrolet of Little Rock, which has supported caravan participation in Arkansas since the NCM’s beginning, for again agreeing to be a sponsor for the up-coming caravan.

We will also be glad to coordinate with other caravans that will be coming through Arkansas.

Bale Chevrolet