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Pacific CentralThis is a revised post to the home page for the Northern California – Northern Nevada – Utah section of the 2014 National Corvette Caravan. I am Don Herzer, Publications Director for the Western States Corvette Council (WSCC). I served as Captain of the NorCal section of the 2014 Caravan. Since we had a great time for the most part, they asked me to return as Captain for 2019.

I have elected to give our section a nickname – Pacific Central Corvette Caravan – which is easily further shortened to Pacific Central and PCCC. This is much less cumbersome than listing the whole three states. Also, if I shorten it to NorCal (as I did in 2014), then N. Nevada and Utah feel left out.

Please note that even if you are not going all the way to Bowling Green, you are welcome to join in the Caravan out of CA as far as you like, or just join us at the launch site at Abel Chevrolet, as many have done in the past.

Our Route: Contrary to my initial posting, I have decided against replicating the 2014 itinerary. Instead we will take a new route favoring scenic less travelled roads, with fun activities and visits to unique places along the way. I am still ironing out the details, but here is a rough outline:

Day 1 – Thurs. Aug, 22nd Launch – Abel Chevrolet in Rio Vista. On road by 9:30am
Special Lunch in Carson City
Visit to Fallon NAS; Optional dinner at Officer’s Club
Overnight in Fallon, NV
Day 2 – Friday, Aug. 23rd Cross Nevada on "Nation’s Loneliest Highway"
Optional fun activities
Overnight in Redmond, UT
Day 3 – Saturday, Aug. 24th Cross Utah into Colorado
Optional visits to Moab/Arches National Park
Overnight in Silverthorne, CO
Day 4 – Sunday, Aug. 25th Activities in CO
Drive through Rocky Mountain National Park
Optional visits to Coors / Railway Museum
Overnight in Limon, CO
Day 5 – Monday, Aug. 26th Out of CO into MO
Optional museum visits
Overnight Kansas City, MO
Day 6 – Tuesday, Aug. 27th Cross MO
Link up with So. CA group in Cape Girardeau, MO
Special dinner/activities
Overnight in Cape Girardeau, MO
Day 7 – Wednesday, Aug. 28th   Into Bowling Green, KY
Stage for group parade entrance to NCM
Aug. 28 – 31 Activities at NCM / Bowling Green Area
Optional seminars, road trips
Possible Corvette Factory Tours
Sept. 1 – ??? Return Home (on your own)
There may be some return routes/groups set up


Registration for both the Caravan and the festivities is now open on the NCM website. Note that the 2019 Corvette Caravan and the NCM 25th Anniversary are combined into one registration, contrary to previous Caravans. If you want to travel with the No. CA/No. NV/Utah group, be sure to select Pacific Central in the section pulldown.

In the meantime, I will be working on blocking sets of rooms at hotels along the route, but I don’t expect registration to be available until approximately fall of 2018. If you are serious about going on this section of the Caravan, please send me an email so I can keep you informed about lodging and optional activities that we may set up.

I will be compiling all this and much more into a Route Book that will be available to registered participants Spring 2019.

If you have no idea what going on the Caravan would be like, here is a link to a writeup that I did about the experiences we had on the 2014 Caravan: 2014 Caravan Experience

You can help promote the Caravan by decorating your car with a window sticker, flag(s), and/or a rear window “Follow Me To Bowling Green” decal – all available from me. Contact me for pricing/availability.

If you would like to volunteer to help me in this venture, I would welcome that. I will also be looking for sponsors to help defray some of the costs. Keep in mind that any donations are tax deductable. You may reach me via:

Don Herzer
Pacific Central Captain

Revised/Updated 9/19/2018