Western Canada (Alberta, British Columbia)

My name is Paul Maciejowski. (pronounced Macie-jowski, hard J) A small group of us have begun the planning for the 2019 caravan. We have started with the province of Alberta and will be reaching out to British Columbia and Saskatchewan as well. As noted we have Graham Borley for support and experience. the following is what we have at the moment:

Captain: Paul Maciejowski, pmaciej09@gmail.com, 403-848-4721
Alberta South Co-Captain: Larry Sandul, ldsandul@telus.net, 403-701-0500
Alberta North Co-Captain: Ken Turner, kenandheather2@hotmail.com, 780-918-0306

We are planning to join the Pacific Northwest Group in Rapid City on the run towards Bowling Green in 2019. Ken has been in touch with Ed Saari of the north Central Region to discuss logistics from Wisconsin Dells from that point down as well.

Heather, Ken’s wife is working to block off rooms through our drive to and from the event. Larry is working with our counterparts in BC and soon Saskatchewan to build support and organize and assign leaders in those areas.

In advance, Thank you and we look forward to meeting you in person August 2019!

Paul Maciejowski