It’s official – the 2024 Corvette Caravan routing and itinerary has been posted. You can review it here:


Be sure to follow our FB page for continued announcements for this epic event!

You can find the FB page for the Caravan to the National Corvette Museum 30th anniversary celebration here!

This Caravan will have our friends from Colorado & Nebraska and possibly some new friends from S. Wyoming and Utah. Follow this page for all the details of this event which will happen Labor Day weekend 2024.

Please let us know of any questions you have and how we may assist you in making this a trip of a lifetime.

Save the Wave,

Keith Bennett & Gary Schopp

The 25th anniversary celebrations are known as the Silver Anniversary and the 30th anniversary celebrations are known as the Diamond Anniversary.  We are pleased to share the final logo design for our caravan.  This showcases the years that the National Corvette Museum has been providing fun, adventure and happiness for all of it’s guests.  You will see a lot more of our new logo as we move forward and all of our related goodies will carry the design.