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I was chatting with a Corvette owner about the Colorado/Nebraska Corvette Caravan. This person was excited about the event but said 2019 might not work out and that he planned on going the next year. When I told him the event only happens every 5 years and the next was 2024, he commented: “Wow that’s pretty special, I’m not going to miss the 25th anniversary, how do I sign up?”

If you miss the 2019 Corvette Caravan you will have to wait until 2024 – just sayin’…

Good Day:

Welcome to the Colorado 2019 Corvette Caravan information page. We will be sharing all the exciting plans we have for our much-anticipated migration to Bowling Green where we will celebrate 25 years with our fellow Corvette enthusiasts. This page will be update many times, so be sure to check back often for the very latest information on our trip. As we move closer to this epic event you may have questions and unable to easily find the answers. Please feel free to contact us via email and we will get you the information you seek.

Our goals for this great trip is to have you say:

  1. How impressed you were with the concern for everyone’s safety
  2. How well organized it was with lots of thought put into each and every day’s events
  3. How much fun the travel to Bowling Green was – each day was a mini vacation
  4. How easy it was to make new Corvette friends, many in your back yard
  5. Everything from the shirts and hats to the selected hotels was first class
  6. That communications were easy and timely.

Dave Effler – Captain                              Keith Bennett – Co Captain

Our trip routing has been completed and we are excited about some of the activities we will have along the way. More details will be forthcoming on the activities when we finish with written commitments from various venues.

The Colorado Captains take your safety as our number one objective. In that light we have made a decision NOT to publish our route on the open Internet. Communicating that many Corvettes and where we will be and when creates a potential risk we do not want. As folks register for this Great Migration, we will send them the routes and various information related to the trip to Bowling Green via email. The route guide will be created with a dual format to serve electronic and paper users. We feel this will best serve our participants. If any folks from outside Colorado registered participants wish to have a copy, contact one of us via email and we will be happy to share.

We are in the process of working with several national chains of hotels/motels to arrange group benefits for our overnight needs and will have more to come in the future on this topic. Finally, please remember that even when you register with the Colorado Corvette Caravan, you still must register with NCM.

The Corvette enthusiasts from the great state of Colorado are excited to share our passion with fellow owners and look forward to making many new friends.


We are pleased to share our new Facebook page. The URL is:

Details on our upcoming migration to Bowling Green will be posted here as well as other details on the Colorado Caravan. Please stop by and say hello.

I am excited to share two announcements with you that will directly effect your enjoyment factor on the 2019 Rocky Mountain & High Plains Corvette Caravan.

First, we know that some of you will want to travel with friends, in a group, on the caravan. Imagine the chaos if folks are trying to do their own staging so that they can travel with their friends. Coming soon will be the announcement, that if you wish to travel with particular participants, you will tell us who is in the group and we will see that these mini groups are kept together.

Each group will be assigned to a flight of cars and the max number in any one flight will be 25 cars. For example, if you and 6 others wish to stay together you could be assigned to the Blue flight. If you follow all instructions at the staging areas for the Blue flight, you will be with your friends.

Second, this is all possible because of a new addition to the Rocky Mountain & High Plains team. Karl Kupser has agreed to share his cruising creation and management experience with us and is the father of the above-mentioned system. Karl’s experience is well known in the greater Denver Corvette circles and each summer we all look forward to his cruises. Public thanks to Karl for finding a way, given his jam packed schedule, to help us out and join the Caravan team.

More to come – register today and you could win a 4 wheel road force balancing and 4 wheel alignment from our sponsor: Les Schwab Tire Centers.

2019 Colorado Caravan Team Leaders

Team Leaders

Dave Effler                          Keith Bennett



It happened in 1976…she was a Mulsanne Blue 1971 Coupe with a 454 and a 4 speed. I was quickly addicted to the Corvette. Dad said no way for a variety of reasons and he was probably right. But it was too late for me, I was hooked and I promised myself that one day I would own a Corvette.

Fast forward to November 2014 and the phone rings. Its the National Corvette Museum to let me know I had won a raffle and would finally have my Corvette! So began my connection to the Corvette lifestyle, the NCM and now the Corvette Caravan or as we like to call it the Great Corvette Migration!

On the personal side I spent 20 years in the US Navy in aviation maintenance on several fighter and attack type aircraft. I’m currently at a Fortune 10 company managing their desktop computing assets.

With a great Colorado team we look forward to planning a fun and safe Corvette Caravan from to Bowling Green in 2019!


In 1961 while living just outside of Detroit, my Dad took me to a car parade on world-famous Woodward Ave. I was rapidly approaching driving age and loved cars. As I watched, a 1961 white Corvette came into view and my ability to speak was gone. I was furiously pointing, so my Dad could enjoy the excitement of seeing the newly released Corvette.

1961 Corvette

The driver saw my excitement and waved me out of the crowd and stopped and said “jump in son”. With my Dad’s permission I sat for 30 seconds in the passenger seat and took in the beauty. I thanked the gentleman and returned to my Dad’s side. In answering my Dad’s questions about the car I replied “someday I will own a Corvette”. My Dad patted me on the back and said “Good, very good son”. The dream started.

Fast forward and I still wanted a Corvette but could not afford one. As I made more money I also had more responsibilities with 3 more mouths to feed and 2 more college educations to think about. The dream lived on.

In 2016 after both kids were grown and gone and it was just the wife and myself, she said the magic words. “Why don’t you buy that Corvette you have always wanted”. 55 years after I saw the 61 White Corvette I purchased a 2000 C5 Vert!! Then a 2006 C6 Vert and now a 2012 GrandSport Heritage Edition.

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Go Big Red

While back at National Corvette Museum for BASH we had some Corvette Caravan meetings. One topic was there is no Captain(s) for the great state of Nebraska. While Nebraska and Colorado may be at odds on the football field, there is great comradery between our citizens and especially between Corvette owners. Therefore, we were pleased and honored when asked if we would step up and handle the folks from Nebraska.

Dave Effler and I (Keith Bennett) will be the Captains for Nebraska and if your are from Nebraska, please reach out to me so we can begin to get everyone on the communications list. We will be adjusting the name of our group to Rocky Mountain & High Plains Corvette Caravan. We look forward to the addition and are excited to be meeting up with our fellow Corvette owners from Iowa in the Quad cities on the caravan.

The month of May is when you will begin to see the communications increase and things falling into place. Please check back to this site for updates and always feel free to reach out if you have a question or need that we can assist you with. With temps getting warmer, get out and drive those Vettes and DON’T FORGET THE WAVE!!

July Winner

Updated 6/22/19