Linda and Ricky Moore

Linda and Ricky Moore


My name is Ricky Moore and I’m the Georgia Captain. I was a car dealer for forty years but am now retired. My wife Linda, teaches autistic children and is a Skincare Esthetician.

We are both car enthusiasts. I had my first Corvette at eighteen and have had one on and off ever since. We have a ’58 and ’98 Corvette.

We enjoy going to the Corvette Expo in Pidgeon Forge every year.

We are looking forward to going with the 2019 Caravan with a friend who just bought her corvette.

The 50th Anniversary Caravan in June 2003 was our first. We also went in 2009 and 2014. We enjoyed each one.

I realize we’re getting a late start but I would like feedback from other participants, especially from south Georgia, being they have the farthest distance to travel.

Current Plans: Stage up with the FL group early (as of 9/4/18 the two will stage at 8:00AM) at Dallas Landing State Park in Acworth, and head to Bowling Green KY police escort out of Dallas Landing one stop between Acworth and Bowling Green at S Pittsburgh TN to eat and gas up ARRIVE in Bowling Green between 1-2pm details on events are coming stay tuned to Captain’s Page.

Contact information:
Ricky Moore Captain
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corvette travelers of middle ga
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PJ Ray Co-Captain

Updated 9/4/18