Indiana, Michigan, Western Kentucky


Larry Courtney

Larry Courtney

My wife Verna and I are very excited to once again lead the caravan to the National Corvette Museum. The dates for the event at the museum are Wednesday August 28- Saturday August 31 2019. Over twenty caravans will meet at the Museum to celebrate the 25th Anniversary. Twenty five years is a great milestone for the Museum.


Our two primary sponsors are Matick Chevrolet and Corvette Central. Matick Chevrolet and Corvette Central were sponsors of our 2014 caravan and multiple events that my wife and I organize. We are extremely grateful for their support.

Matick Chevrolet Corvette Central

The tentative plans for now will be to leave SE Michigan on Monday morning August 26. We will have a kick off breakfast at our sponsor Matick Chevrolet in Redford Michigan. We will head west on 94 to Marshall Michigan where we will have lunch and meet with the caravan from the west part of Michigan. After lunch, our next stop will be Indianapolis, Indiana where we will have dinner and spend the night. We will be joined here by the Corvettes from Indiana. Tuesday morning we will head over to Indianapolis Speedway for laps and pictures crossing the finish line. Then we are off to Louisville for lunch at Churchill Downs where we will regroup and meet with the Western Kentucky Caravan. After lunch we will start our final leg of the journey and drive to Bowling Green.

This is an overview and is subject to change.

At this point in time I have two local leaders that will help organize the caravan. In Michigan I have Cyn Gregor on the west side of Michigan and Tux Hadler in Indianapolis. If you would like to help please let me know.

We brought 500 Corvettes in our caravan in 2014 to the Museum. I am sure we will exceed that number.

There are a couple of things that came up on the last caravan and I would like to open them for discussion.

Our plan is to arrive the night before the festivities begin. This way we will be in
Bowling Green and rest before everything starts.

Sometimes getting tours at the plant can be tricky also trying to get on the
Motor Sports Park Track. It is suggested that we arrive on day early so that we
will be able to tour the factory and MSP. Another suggestion was for me to give
us more time in Indianapolis and possible drive on the road course.

Another question came up about visiting the Auburn Cord Museum in Indiana?
A private car collection in Indianapolis, or stopping at Jim Beam are a couple of
more suggestions. We do have some time to make plans.

ROOMS. Many hotels will not let me book them until one year away. The last
time everyone was able to get rooms. I will have more information when it is

HOW TO PACK. This is another thing we will discuss.

WHAT DO WE DO WHEN WE GET THERE. The Museum will have many things to
do and see.

I hope that I will be able to answer all of your questions in the next couple of

In the meantime, Verna and I plan to visit clubs, shows and Corvette events in
the Michigan, Indiana and Western Kentucky area during 2017 and 2018. We
would also like if people that plan to attend the caravan participate in these
events so we can begin to know each other.

Verna and I attend the Bash at the Museum every April. I usually book about 12
rooms for people that want to come down.

I hope to have a web site set up in early 2017 so you can check for more