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Doug Jenkins

Hello, I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to help with the 2019 National Caravan. A little about myself and my wife Laura.

I am new to the corvette family as a car owner, and I absolutely love my 2017 Grand Sport Coupe. I do not know a bunch of corvette car statistics, and I have no great growing up story about cars, but from my teen years, I have always been enticed by the beauty and power of the vette, and all that it represents. I am enjoying every day learning more about my car, meeting other great corvette people, and participating in some great corvette adventures. After raising our daughter, and getting her through school and off to her new family, my wife (Laura) and I were empty nesters. What do we do now? Mid life crisis, or mid life opportunity? Opportunity is what I say! I have been working the last 30 years and plan to continue for a few more years in the corporate world as an Aviation Operations Specialist, which is a fancy title for a Flight Dispatcher for a major airline. My hobbies are the normal things like fishing, and just enjoying the outdoors, but I also, since I was youngster I have owned my own business in some capacity. Working a corporate job and owning your own business requires careful balance of time. My current business venture is a sports training complex named ConXion (pronounced connection) which is a gymnastics, cheer, tumbling, dance, soccer and baseball sports training complex for children from toddler age to college prep. I will be celebrating 15 years in 2018 as President/Owner of ConXion Gym. My daughter got us into this, and thus the family business is born. My wife is the talented one in the family with her gift of singing and playing piano. So, to keep it all in the family one of our rooms at ConXion is a music studio, so now we can offer sports training and music training. But, once Laura and I became empty nesters we were really waiting and wondering what next. Grandchildren are coming this year, but in the mean time we needed something for both of us to do. I found that a corvette is a great way to go on some awesome trips, and my wife realized that points of interest could include things like going to Asheville, North Carolina to the Biltmore Estates a place she has always wanted to go. We also have joined other clubs on their trips that included driving through the Ozark mountains of Arkansas to destinations like Eureka Springs and Gastons Resort. So a win win, I get to drive an awesome car through some amazing country, and my wife gets to go to some places that she has always wanted to go, and you can only get so many shopping bags in the vette, another plus I say. I would also like to give a plug for the Ron Fellows Performance Driving school. As a new owner of a corvette, my wife and I went to his school over the Christmas break. Their corvette driving school is an awesome experience that will test your own personal limits, and good luck finding the limits of the corvette, what an amazing machine! Beautiful country out in Nevada, and a great school that I will always highly recommend. We currently reside in our home of 20 plus years in Northwest Mississippi. In 2018, Laura and I are looking for some new places to explore, new people to meet, and see more of this great country, in our Grand Sport.


Doug Jenkins

Updated 2/13/18