Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee

Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee

We are less than six months away from the National Corvette Museum’s 25th Anniversary of it’s opening on Labor Day. As of this time, we have only 30 people that have registered for the Eastern Kentucky/Tennessee caravan. Since the participants are scattered, I have decided to start from Murfreesboro and work my way up to the NCM. We will have one or two stops along the way to pick up other cars as we make our way up North. The time and place of the meeting up will be announced later.

As a reminder, we will not be joining up with other caravans as in the past as we will not be driving around the NCM. We will drive up to the NCM and after that, you can go to your hotel if you have one or you can park and go inside which is what I plan to do.

For those up in Kentucky, I will be planning a stop at Kentucky Downs to gather everyone for the last part of the drive. The timing of that will depend on the other caravans and availability of the police.

I will update this as we get closer to the launch date.

My name is Roy L. Carman and I will be the Caravan Captain for the 2019 Eastern Kentucky/Tennessee Corvette Caravan. This will be my third caravan as I was a participant in 2009, Caravan Captain in 2014 for E. Kentucky/Tennessee and again in 2019. Registration will open on September 12th for the caravan as well as some museum activities. At this time, I don’t have any route information until I get an idea where the participants are located.

To give a little background on me, I am a retired pilot from American Airlines and just got hired by Middle Tennessee State University as a professor in the Department of Aerospace. Between that and the time that I spend on my 3 Corvettes, I’m playing with my dogs and cats and just enjoying life. I have a 1992 Black ZR-1, a 1993 40th Anniversary ZR-1 and a 2003 50th Anniversary Coupe. I’m married to my wonderful wife Karen who comes from the Great State of Texas. Our honeymoon was on the 15th Caravan in 2009. She has the 2003 50th Anniversary Coupe and enjoys traveling across the country.

I will not be handling any hotel rooms at this time. The NCM has that information on their Facebook page and it is kept up-to- date. There should be plenty when the time comes.

Here is an update on the 2019 Corvette Caravan – Eastern Kentucky/Tennessee section as of November 25, 2018. At this time, only 20 people are registered in the caravan which makes it kind of hard to plan for a route to go to the NCM. Nevertheless, I will come up with something that everyone can do. One thing to bear in mind is that unlike past caravans, we will not be joining up with other caravans as we will not be driving around the NCM. Instead of that, I will take you into the parking lot where you can park and check out the NCM or continue on to your hotel. As I stated earlier, I will not be handling hotels as we have don’t enough in our group and the relatively close distance to the NCM but there will be rooms available according to the Facebook page on the NCM.

Another change is that for those in the caravan, the credentials will be sent to the caravan captain for distribution. Unless other arrangements are made, expect to get your credentials when we meet up.


Flag and Static Cling
As usual, caravan flags and static clings are available for sale. The Caravan flag will be $15.00 and the static cling will be $10.00. Once I have enough orders, I will place an order and either ship them or give them to you when I see you.

That’s it for now. More later.

Roy L. Carman
Eastern Kentucky/Tennessee
Caravan Captain

Updated 3/17/19